Kyowa Resinous Co., Ltd.

Grinding wheels

The Kyowa Resinous Co., Ltd., located in Ujina-cho in the city of Hiroshima, started the manufacture of resinoid bond grinding wheels in 1953, making it among the firstcompanies to do so.

Although it is a small-scale manufacturer, it can respond quickly and flexibly to theneeds of its customers. The company competes neck and neck against top domestic manufacturers in such facets as quality, delivery time and the aspect of total cost including price.

It has received high marks for its cutting tool polishing grinding wheels, insulating firebrick grinding wheels, and foundry grinding wheels, among others.

The company has a great deal of know-how with respect to foundry grinding wheels in particular, and it is able to provide the ideal grinding wheels for a variety of castings, such as ductile castings, stainless steel castings, and aluminum bronze castings, among others.




10 million yen




1-33-64, Dejima, Minamiku, Hiroshima 734-0013 JAPAN


TEL: +81-82-251-8301
FAX: +81-82-255-4517

Specialized in size : outside diameter 355, 405, 455, 510 mm / thickness 10~75 mm

Kyowa Resinous Co.’s grinding wheels with zirconium oxide grain have the backing of many cast metal foundries for the products’ high degree of grindability.

In particular, the grinding wheels are effective for use on ductile casts, high chrome casts and stainless steel casts, among others.


Grain;ZWC Grain Size;#14~24 Grade;L~R
Diameter ;255mm~510mm
Thickness ;25mm~50mm
Bore ;19.05mm~50.8mm
*Please contact us regarding production size.

Grinding wheels are used to grind heat-insulating brick(insulating fire brick), building stones
and other materials.
Such grinding wheels, which are used for cutting and grinding marble and slate, among other
materials, are Kyowa Resinous Co.’s strength. In recent years, diamond wheel products
represent one of our main grinding wheels varieties.
In particular, the superior grinding properties and economy of Kyowa Resinous Co.’s grinding
wheels are most evident when they are used for dry-grinding heat-insulating bricks(insulating
fire brick), and the like.